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Photo By Don MacLean


Many of us in Woodland Heights consider the Nature Sanctuary to be the community's crown jewel


We invite everyone in Woodland Heights to enjoy what it has to offer; this invitation includes your pets, but they must be on a leash. Also, we ask that you clean up after them and keep the trails clean and enjoyable for everyone. Motor vehicles of all types are prohibited from the sanctuary.


It is important for residents to understand that the Sanctuary is owned by Deerhurst (FREED) and their guests and residents also have access to the property at all times. 


We take pride in the property and several residents offer their labour to conduct repairs and general maintenance. If you encounter any of them on your walks, be sure to give them your thanks. If you would like to get involved, connect with a board member through our Contact Us page. 


Welcome to our neighbourhood; we look forward to meeting new friends as we encounter one another on the trails! Happy Hiking!

Photos by Don McLean & Patti Parker

Map of Sanctuary

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